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Use MOXIYO to Extend Perishable Food freshness

It happens to all of us. We head to the fridge to make a salad or eat something healthy, then kabam, it’s like the evil fairy arrived and everything in your fridge has gone bad. Like a good friend told me, “I buy food, travel for a week, come home and I have to throw it all away—then start all over again”. What’s the secret to keep food fresh?

Why and how does this happen? According to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), Americans waste 133 billion pounds of food every year, or 31 percent of their overall food supply. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says, “The United States enjoys the most productive and abundant food supply on Earth, however, too much of this food goes to waste. The effort to reduce food waste is likened to the anti-littering campaigns of the 1960s and ‘70s that shamed Americans for tossing trash out car windows. This is the next anti litter campaign.”

Fruits and vegetables have short life cycles. By the time it is harvested, transported, warehoused, delivered to stores, sits on the shelf, then purchased and taken home, it is close to its spoilage threshold. Most produce emits ethylene gas, this is the ripening agent that causes produce to ripen. However, without an ethylene gas shut-off valve, the ripening process does not stop and causes other produce to ripen more quickly. Over ripened produce becomes spoiled produce and has to be discarded. How can consumers keep food fresh longer?

Imagine if produce lasted extra days, even extra weeks? It could then be used and consumed rather than ending up in the landfills. Moxiyo has developed a way to keep food fresh. Moxiyo emits natural CO2 (carbon dioxide gas) that surrounds produce and protects it from spoilage elements.  Produce will remain fresher for additional days and weeks allowing more time for produce to retain its freshness in stores and keep food fresh in refrigerators.

When produce goes through the ripening process and as it continues to mature, it gives off ethylene gas. Ethylene gas needs oxygen and Moxiyo also acts as an oxygen absorber and an ethylene gas absorber to keep food fresh in the fridge. Because produce has been removed from its natural CO2 air (which it needs for respiration), it starves and is attacked by ethylene gas causing it to over ripen and spoil. However, Moxiyo has the natural ability to surround the produce, feed it with the air it loves to absorb (CO2) and ward off the negative properties of ethylene gas.

Moxiyo is packaged in a variety of sizes; Moxiyo 2 gram units can be placed into berry containers or used as an oxygen absorber in packaged foods. GemFresh is used for consumer home refrigerators. Larger Air Daddi units can be placed into walk-in coolers, warehouses, grocery stores and during transportation.

The same Moxiyo formula in an Air Daddi unit can also be used in shipping containers to ship food and keep it fresh. When used during the transportation process while transporting food in reefers, vessels and planes, the loads will arrive fresher while lowering claims at the receiving end.

The Moxiyo line of products is easy to use and can be placed anywhere fruits & vegetables are stored or transported to keep them fresher for extra days and weeks. It is OMRI Organic, USDA & FDA approved. It also has Canadian approval.

Click here to see how Moxiyo can help you to extend the freshness of your perishable foods, reduce your shrink and improve your ROI.

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