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    Moxiyo Oxygen CO2 Emitter
    Pharmaceutical Packaging Solutions

    Moxiyo oxygen converter, pharmaceutical oxygen absorber packaging solutions

    Moxiyo, pharmaceutical oxygen absorber packaging solutions, absorbs oxygen and increases stability in oxygen sensitive compounds. Moxiyo is a proprietary natural and food grade product which produces carbon dioxide (CO2), an inert gas. CO2 gas “wraps” itself around pharmaceuticals creating an envelope that converts oxygen to a CO2 environment.

    When used in packaging pharmaceuticals, Moxiyo has 24 hours to be packaged and continues to work for 30 days after pharmaceutical bottles/packages have been opened.

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    Pharmaceutical manufacturers will realize immediate benefits when using MOXIYO

    • Prevents fermentation by suppressing the growth of anaerobic micro-organisms in a dominant CO2 environment
    • Rate of oxygen scavenging is much faster than competitors
    • Continues to work for 30 days after consumer opens bottle/package
    Moxiyo Oxygen Absorber/CO2 Converter
    Moxiyo pharmaceutical oxygen absorber packaging

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