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    How MOXIYO works

    Made in the USA, Moxiyo is a low cost organic packaging technology that absorbs oxygen, and emits carbon dioxide (CO2) to extend the perishable life of fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy products. It also extends the shelf life of packaged foods and pharmaceutical products.

    Moxiyo absorbs oxygen and releases CO2 to maintain a low oxygen atmosphere in packaged foods to extend the shelf life of food products.

    Oxygen is diminished as the CObecomes greater. The COacts as a vapor barrier at the cellular level “wrapping” itself around food products to retard ethylene – the naturally occurring ripening hormone found in food, and the spoilage bacteria in fresh and dehydrated goods.

    co2 icon 1
    Step 01:
    Moxiyo absorbs oxygen
    and releases CO2
    Step 02:
    CO2 acts as a
    vapor barrier
    Step 03:
    Bacteria growth slows
    and food stays fresher