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    Safety Benefits

    Made in the USA, Moxiyo is an all-natural crystalized food grade mineral packaging constituent. It is USDA and FDA approved and is on the GRAS list (Generally Recognized as Safe) by the FDA. Not known to be hazardous to health and thus approved for use next to foods.

    Our patented technology is far superior than the bulk of oxygen absorbers that contain ferrous carbonate – iron-based oxide powder. USDA and FDA approved, Moxiyo is organic and completely non-toxic if accidentally ingested. It can be placed directly next to consumable goods with zero harmful effects.

    Moxiyo Sachets Benefit Comparisons

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    Moxiyo (2 gram packets)
    Made in the USA
    Approved FDA GRAS List (Generally Recognized as Safe)
    Longer Shelf Life
    24 hours to use for packaging / Maintains Extended Shelf Life/ Continues to work after repeated opening for 30 days
    Will pass inspection by metal detectors
    Thinner Bag Packaging = $$$ Production Savings
    SAFE! Non-Toxic, Food Grade Product
    Biodegradable & Recyclable
    Iron Oxide Competition
    NOT made in USA – Manufactured in other countries
    Iron product, not for consumption (No USA Approvals)
    Short Usage Time Frame
    Has to be packaged within 2 hours from initial air exposure. Once opened the effectiveness of the iron oxide decreases rapidly
    Gives off a signal when passing through a metal detector
    Expensive barrier bag has to be used to keep oxygen out
    Not edible - Not for consumption