Moxiyo is a safe, non-toxic, FDA and USDA approved, organic preservative technology used to keep perishable foods fresh. Moxiyo produces carbon dioxide (CO2), an inert gas known to have bacteriostatic properties, and an antimicrobial ingredient that reduces the bacterial growth on foods.
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What is Moxiyo?
Used in restaurants, grocery stores, warehouses, transportation & home use to maintain fresher foods. Moxiyo is non-toxic and completely safe when placed next to food or packaged with food.
How Does Moxiyo Work?
Moxiyo is made with an activated crystalized mineral that produces carbon dioxide (CO2), an inert gas known to have bacteriostatic properties which reduces the bacterial growth on fresh produce, meats, dairy products and in packaged goods. CO2 gas acts as a vapor barrier at the cellular level “wrapping” itself around food products to retard ethylene gas, the naturally occurring ripening hormone found in food.
Industries That Benefit from Moxiyo Products Include:
The food supply chain logistics industry; farmers, produce growers, restaurants, grocery stores, warehouses and transportation industries benefit from Air Daddi units. The packaged food industry, uncooked flour tortillas, breads, grains, nuts & food storage benefit from the smaller Moxiyo sachets.
Longer Shelf Life
Moxiyo products will last up to 90 days in a home refrigerator. It will last for 60 days in commercial environments. When used with packaged products as a sachet, it has 24 hours to be re-packaged and will continue to work for 30 days once the package has been opened. Because it is a natural mineral, it will pass through metal detectors.
SAFE! Non-Toxic, Food Grade Product
Moxiyo is SAFE! It is made from a natural, crystalized mineral. It is non-toxic, biodegradable and recyclable.
Approved FDA and USDA
Moxiyo is on the FDA GRAS list (Generally Recognized As Safe by the FDA). Not known to be hazardous to health and USDA approved for use next to foods. It has also received the approval of “No Objection” from Health Canada for use in Canadian products.
Made in the USA
Moxiyo is made in the United States, while Iron Oxide Competitors are manufactured in other countries. Moxiyo has United States FDA and USDA approvals.
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air daddi oxygen absorber
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Air Daddi

As low as $25 each

Air Daddi AD units each weigh 1 pound and are 10” X 4”. Each Unit will provide CO2 for 500 cubic feet (8X8X8). Place 2 units into a walk-in cooler, large shipping container, reefer unit or large areas up to 1,000 cubic feet (10X10X10). Add additional units for larger areas. Air Daddi units will continue to work for 60 days keeping foods fresher, reducing condensation & humidity and maintaining colder temperatures.

1 Unit                        $30.00 each           Shipping   $6.00
20 Units (1 case)       $25.00 each           Shipping   $28

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Moxiyo 2 gram Packets
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Moxiyo 2 Gram Packets

As low as .10 each

Moxiyo M2 Packets weigh 2 grams and are 1 inch square. Each packet can be used in bag sizes up to a 12” X 12” barrier bag or container. Use additional packets for larger packages. Will continue to work after package is opened and closed.

100 Units                .14 each                   Shipping $4.00
1,000 Units             .12 each                   Shipping $14.00
4,000 Units             .10 each                   Shipping $38.00

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Moxiyo Oxygen Absorber/CO2 Converter
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Moxiyo 36 Gram Packets

As low as .70 each

Moxiyo M36 Packets weigh 36 grams are 3.5 inch square. Each packet can be placed into a large box, crate or container to keep perishable foods fresher during transportation and storage.

50 Units                   .90 each                  Shipping $14.00
100 Units                 .70 each                   Shipping $17.00

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GemFresh GF is a natural refrigerator air enhancer. Place the packet into a personal home refrigerator to keep perishable foods fresher, longer. Replace after 90 days.

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I have always struggled with keeping my produce fresh. While I really like the convenience of ready to eat packaged salad mix, I always find that it does not stay fresh for very long. It tends to turn brown and go soggy after the use-by date on the package. My neighbor suggested that I try using a new product called Moxiyo as she was able to keep her salad mix and other produce items fresh for almost a month. So, I gave it a try. I was totally amazed!
bagged salad
Joyce Utah
I like to eat healthy and love to eat clementines as they are small and I can throw them in my purse when I need a quick & healthy snack. However, a problem I have with clementines is that they do not last very long after I bring them home from the store. My friend had used a packet of Moxiyo and suggested I use it. So, I put 2 clementines in a baggie with a packet of Moxiyo. I left the others on my kitchen counter. None of them were put in the fridge. After 4 days, there was a remarkable difference!
Bree Utah
It is my pleasure to tell you of our experiences with Moxiyo, LLC. They have been a client of the Small Business Development Center since January of 2010. During this period of time, we have worked with them in the development and mainly the testing of their food preservation product. At the beginning, we participated with Moxiyo in doing home refrigerator tests. Being successful there, we began testing with flowers and food preservation. We almost always found a difference in the length of freshness and color.
Lowell S. Baggaley Assistant Director
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