Jerky, Dried Fruit, Food Storage Packaging Solutions
Moxiyo Keeps Foods Fresh

Jerky, Dried Fruit, Food Storage Packaging Solutions. Moxiyo Keeps Foods Fresh

Made in the USA, Moxiyo is a patented cost-effective dual-action packaging constituent made from an all-natural crystalized food grade mineral.
Unlike iron oxide absorbers, Moxiyo is recognized by the USDA and FDA as being approved to be placed directly next to consumable goods with zero harmful effects.

Moxiyo produces carbon dioxide gas (CO2), an inert gas known to have bacteriostatic properties. CO2 “wraps” itself around jerky, dried fruit and food storage products creating an envelope that preserves dried, dehydrated foods and grains and will keep consumables in the same state as when they were packaged.

By using Moxiyo with packaged jerky, or dried fruit, and food storage, foods retain their freshness longer than with the traditional iron oxide products. Moxiyo will continue to work for an additional 30 days with continual opening and closing of the package or container. Oxygen is converted to a CO2 environment which keeps products fresher, extends shelf life and protects packaged foods from bacteria and insect damage.

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Moxiyo preserves packaged dried jerky/dried fruit/food storage, extending shelf life, of packaged products, converts oxygen to CO2, metal/iron free and is safe, non toxic:

UNLIKE ITS COMPETITION—-MOXIYO IS NATURAL AND SAFE, whereas traditional iron oxide oxygen absorbers are extremely dangerous if accidentally consumed.

  • Moxiyo Oxygen Absorber is the FIRST organic CO2 gas emitter and ethylene gas blocker that has 24 hours to be packaged.
  • Unlike its competitors, Moxiyo is FDA and USDA approved, Non Toxic and certified Organic.
  • Moxiyo will prevent the growth of aerobic pathogens and spoilage organisms, including molds.
  • Moxiyo is safe and non-toxic. It replaces the need to use the current iron oxide oxygen absorbers. Because it does not contain metal or iron tailings, it can safely pass through metal detectors.

Once your packaged product is opened, Moxiyo will continue to work for an additional 30 days with continued opening and closing of the package – perfect for dried foods such as jerky, dried fruit and food storage.

Moxiyo is organic and safe
keep dried food and packaged food fresh

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