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    GemFresh™ by Moxiyo Keeps Food Fresher, Longer

    On the average, Americans throw away 20 pounds of food each month, which amounts to $2,275 a year for a family of four, according to the U.S. Dept of Agriculture.

    Produce spoils and decays rapidly once it has been picked and harvested from the farm. It is then placed into a home refrigerator to be eaten or discarded within a few days. Farmers and produce growers understand the need for CO2 to keep produce fresh. CO2 provides sustainability, keeping produce and other perishable foods fresh.

    GemFresh with CO2 is a retail package, which consumers can place in their household refrigerators to keep their food fresh for additional days & weeks. GemFresh lasts for 90 days in a household refrigerator.

    GemFresh reduces spoilage of fruits & vegetables, deli meats, dairy & cheeses. It improves the air quality and reduces offensive odors in refrigerators.

    GemFresh with its organic CO2 creates a protective barrier around perishable foods. As a result, food lasts longer in its freshest state. It slows the natural decaying process by blocking ethylene gas, which causes produce to over ripen.

    GemFresh is easy to use, it is biodegradable and recyclable.

    Simply place the GemFresh™ packet in your refrigerator to keep fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy fresher for additional days and weeks. Replace after 90 days.