Moxiyo Testimonials
I have always struggled with keeping my produce fresh. While I really like the convenience of ready to eat packaged salad mix, I always find that it does not stay fresh for very long. It tends to turn brown and go soggy after the use-by date on the package. My neighbor suggested that I try using a new product called Moxiyo as she was able to keep her salad mix and other produce items fresh for almost a month. So, I gave it a try. I was totally amazed---so, I had to take a picture to share with everyone. As you can see the use- by- date on this salad mix is 1/31/2013. I took a picture of the bag on 2/25/2013 (see the camera date). The salad remained fresh more than 3 weeks after the use-by-date. I am sold! Moxiyo has enabled me to save $$$ on my fresh produce---I can actually use up all my fruits & vegetables before they spoil in my fridge. I will continue to use it as I can see how improvements in the other products in my fridge. My fridge seems to be colder and even my deli meats and cheeses are lasting longer with Moxiyo in my refrigerator.
bagged salad
Joyce Marcroft Utah
It is my pleasure to tell you of our experiences with Moxiyo, LLC. They have been a client of the Small Business Development Center since January of 2010. During this period of time, we have worked with them in the development and mainly the testing of their food preservation product. At the beginning, we participated with Moxiyo in doing home refrigerator tests. Being successful there, we began testing with flowers and food preservation. We almost always found a difference in the length of freshness and color. In the fall of 2010, we sponsored Moxiyo in an application for the Technology Commercialization Grant from USTAR. They were successful in receiving the grant and were given the opportunity to further expand their testing. Utah State University was contracted to provide these tests. These tests proved a marked improvement with the preservation of several different meats. During this period of time, clearance was received from the FDA for the direct contact with food. Our experience with Moxiyo has proved that it is an excellent product. They have good management, excellent supplies, ready manufacturing and a reliable distribution system.
Salt Lake Community College Logo
Lowell S. Baggaley Small Business Development Center. SLCC
I like to eat healthy and love to eat clementines as they are small and I can throw them in my purse when I need a quick & healthy snack. However, a problem I have with clementines is that they do not last very long after I bring them home from the store. My friend had used a packet of Moxiyo and suggested I use it. So, I put 2 clementines in a baggie with a packet of Moxiyo. I left the others on my kitchen counter. None of them were put in the fridge. After 4 days, there was a remarkable difference! I had to take a picture to show everyone! The clementines (on the left) that I put with Moxiyo are plump, shiny and juicy! The others that were left on my kitchen counter top (on the right) dried up and are smaller. Wow---I could not believe the difference! I am a believer and will continue to use Moxiyo with all my produce---both in and out of the fridge! It will keep my produce fresh longer so I do not have to throw it away! I am excited with the money I can save by keeping my produce longer and fresher!
Bree Smith Verified Buyer, USA