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air daddi oxygen absorber
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Air Daddi

As low as $85 each

Air Daddi AD units each weigh 1 pound and are 10” X 4”. Each Unit will provide CO2 for 500 cubic feet (8X8X8). Place 2 units into a walk-in cooler, large shipping container, reefer unit or large areas up to 1,000 cubic feet (10X10X10). Add additional units for larger areas. Air Daddi units will continue to work for 60 days keeping foods fresher, reducing condensation & humidity and maintaining colder temperatures.

1 Unit                        $85.00 each           Shipping   $6.00
20 Units (1 case)       $75.00 each           Shipping   $28

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Gem fresh Product image
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GemFresh GF is a natural refrigerator air enhancer. Place the packet into a personal home refrigerator to keep perishable foods fresher, longer. Replace after 90 days.

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Moxiyo 2 gram Packets
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Moxiyo 2 Gram Packets

As low as .12 each

Moxiyo M2 Packets weigh 2 grams and are 1 inch square. Each packet can be used in bag sizes up to a 12” X 12” barrier bag or container. Use additional packets for larger packages. Will continue to work after package is opened and closed.

100 Units                .16 each                   Shipping $4.00
1,000 Units             .14 each                   Shipping $14.00
4,000 Units             .12 each                   Shipping $38.00

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Moxiyo Oxygen Absorber/CO2 Converter
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Moxiyo 36 Gram Packets

As low as .70 each

Moxiyo M36 Packets weigh 36 grams are 3.5 inch square. Each packet can be placed into a large box, crate or container to keep perishable foods fresher during transportation and storage.

50 Units                   .90 each                  Shipping $14.00
100 Units                 .70 each                   Shipping $17.00

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