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    air daddi oxygen absorber

    Air Daddi

    As low as $20 each

    Air Daddi AD units each weigh 1 pound and are 10” X 4”. CO2for 1,000-1,500 cubic feet (10 X 10 X 10). Place 2 units into a walk-in cooler, large shipping container, reefer unit or large areas up to 3,000 cubic feet (45 X 8X 8). Add additional units for larger areas. Air Daddi units will continue to work for 60 days keeping foods fresher, reducing condensation & humidity and maintaining colder temperatures.

    1 Unit                        $22.00 each           Shipping   $6.00
    20 Units (1 case)       $20.00 each           Shipping   $28.00

    Gem fresh Product image


    Free Shipping

    GemFresh GF is a natural refrigerator air enhancer. Place the packet into a personal home refrigerator to keep perishable foods fresher, longer. Replace after 90 days.

    Moxiyo 2 gram Packets

    Moxiyo 2 Gram Packets

    As low as .10 each

    Moxiyo M2 Packets weigh 2 grams and are 1 inch square. Each packet can be used in bag sizes up to a 12” X 12” barrier bag or container. Use additional packets for larger packages. Will continue to work after package is opened and closed.

    100 Units                .14 each                   Shipping $4.00
    1,000 Units             .12 each                   Shipping $14.00
    4,000 Units             .10 each                   Shipping $38.00