• Home Use

    Home Use

    Stop throwing away expensive produce, meats and cheeses. Start Saving Money! Order Moxiyo Today!.

  • Deli Case

    Store Displays

    Used in store display cases to extend freshness of meats and produce an additional 7-10 days learn more.

  • Vegetables

    Extends Freshness

    Extends the freshness of fruits and vegetables from the fields to the retailer and in the store learn more.

  • Shipping


    Add extra days of freshness when transporting produce, meats and fish. Increase geographical coverage with additional transportation days while keeping perishables fresh. learn more.

  • Meat

    Fresh Meat

    Meat and seafood retain their freshness due to reduction of bacterial growth learn more.

  • Processing


    Reduces the risk of cross contamination and related liability learn more.

  • Wharehouse

    Warehousing/Storage Solutions

    Improve air quality, flow and circulation in warehouses. Extend freshness by maintaining better color, smell and feel. learn more.

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The Natural and Safe Way to Extend Freshness!

Moxiyo reduces bacterial growth by producing a steady stream of carbon dioxide (CO2 gas) which “wraps” itself around perishable meats and produce. This CO2 gas is known to have bacteriostatic properties which creates an envelope that helps retard the growth of spoilage bacteria.

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